Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hi Tech Precision located?

Hi Tech Precision is located at 2100 Arrow Highway in La Verne, California, 91750, approximately thirty miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

How long has Hi Tech Precision been in business?

Hi Tech Precision was founded in 2001 in Covina, California, and has been in continuous operation ever since. 

How large is your manufacturing facility?

Hi Tech Precision has 8,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space .

What services does Hi Tech Precision offer?

Our services include:
• Precision milling and turning
In-house flat lapping and polishing
Outside processing service
Long-term purchasing agreements
• Just-in-Time Deliveries

Are you ISO 9001 and AS9100 Compliant?

Yes, Hi Tech Precision is compliant with the requirements ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 rev D. 

What is your machining capacity?

Our maximum milling envelope is 30” x 16” x 20” (xyz), and our maximum turning capacity is 11.8” diameter x 20.5” in length. 

What industries do you serve?

We serve a variety of industries including: Aerospace, Defense, Space, Energy, Commercial, Homeland Security and others.

Do you offer Long-Term Purchasing Agreements and Just-In-Time Delivery?

Yes. We have extensive experience with JIT shipments in conjunction with our inventory services for long-term agreements. Contact us to learn more about our contract and delivery options.

Can Hi Tech handle close-tolerance requirements?

Yes. The professionals and craftsmen at Hi Tech Precision have decades of experience with close-tolerance fabrication and machining techniques.  We can maintain dimensional tolerances of .0001" and GD&T or true position of .003", depending on the part configuration and material.

Can you provide parts and assemblies with complex configurations?

Yes. We have extensive experience with difficult-to-machine parts and assemblies made from a wide range of materials for a variety of applications. Contact us to learn more about our complex manufacturing capabilities.

Does Hi Tech Precision offer processing?

Yes. We work with a wide variety of approved outside processors to provide: heat treating, welding, brazing, plating, painting, testing, cleaning, polishing, and more. 

Do you have CAD/CAM capabilities?

Yes. We use an advanced CAD/CAM system to process your digital data sets in any standard file format.

Do you guarantee your products?

Yes. Hi Tech Precision guarantees that every part and assembly we make will be manufactured in strict compliance with your drawing specifications and contract requirements.

What types of materials can Hi Tech Precision machine?

We work with a variety of materials including: Aluminum Alloys, Carbon Steels, Aircraft Alloys, Stainless Steels,  Super Alloys, Titanium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Plastics and more.

Can Hi Tech offer manufacturing advice during the design phase of a project?

Yes. We frequently work with customers during the design phase of a new project.  We use our wealth of manufacturing knowledge and expertise to help our customers design "manufacturability" into their new parts and assemblies.

What is Sea-Lap?

Sea-Lap - our sister company - offers precision lapping and polishing service for parts up to 40.0” in diameter or 48.0” square.  Sea-Lap has over 300-square-inches of lapping plate space, and can hold tolerances of .0003” flatness and .001” parallel over 30.0”,  with 2-microfinish smoothness and up to a 1-helium-light-band flatness per inch. 

Hi Tech Precision is co-located with Sea-Lap in La Verne, California.

How can I find out more about doing business with Hi Tech Precision?

We welcome your inquiries. Please call us at (626) 332-8842 or email us at or visit our contact us page to find out what our team can do for you.