About Hi Tech Precision

Curt McPherson started machining parts in 1977 when he was just 15 years old. He had a knack for precision machining and worked to hone his skills; in time Curt became a master craftsman. After 25 years working for other shops, Curt and his wife, Susan, started Hi Tech Precision in Southern California in 2001. The next several years saw a steady expansion of the new business, built on a philosophy that treats customers like family. We like to say that our customers’ challenges are our challenges, and their success is our success. We offer a combination of quality, reliability and competitive pricing that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

A Philosophy that Treats Customers Like Family

Today, Hi Tech Precision offers CNC machining with 6 state-of-the-art CNC machine tools. Our cutting-edge CAD/CAM system and hands-on manufacturing expertise turns your engineering drawings into the parts and assemblies you need, when you need them. And, our super-efficient manufacturing operations provide cost-effective pricing and flexible delivery schedules. At Hi Tech our job is to make your job easier by delivering high-quality machined parts on time at an affordable price.

Hi Tech Precision is a full-service precision manufacturer. This means we provide you with finished parts and assemblies including testing, heat treating, welding, plating, painting and more. We can handle materials from aluminum to titanium, and from plastics to aircraft steels to high-temp alloys. Our modern, 8,000-square-foot climate-controlled manufacturing facilities are compliant with ISO 9001 and AS9100; and we serve a diverse range of industries including: military, aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, commercial and more.

The Hi Tech team knows what it takes to succeed in precision manufacturing. That’s why our products are found in critical applications around the world, in orbit and on Mars. Contact us today and learn more about the cost-effective precision machining solutions available at Hi Tech Precision. And, welcome to the family.